Perpetual Cycle Of Absolution

by Sisyphean

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EP lineup:

K. - guitars
L. - vocals
A. - guitar
V. - drums, percussion
G. bass guitar and back vocals

All lyrics written by K. EP artwork done by L.
Recorded, produced, mixed in one of the studios of Vilnius Music Academy by Paulius Ivanauskas. Drums recorded separatelly in Bunker studios.


released March 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Sisyphean Vilnius, Lithuania

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Track Name: The Serpentine Cycle
The sign of chaos
The sign of infinity
Talon of scorn
Mark of our kind

Ignorance our doctrine
Downfall our decline
Endless game of supremacy
Down on your knees

The sign of the serpent
Endless cycle of vanity
Beginning and it's end
The end and it's beginning

Existence - fullfilment
Existence - emptiness
Existence - endless
Existence - futile...

Building monuments of pride
Masking mistakes of the past
Cry out for the frailty of man
Bow before his demise

The sign of chaos
The sign of infinity
Talon of scorn
Mark of our kind
Track Name: Blood Division
A call To arms
Glorious bloodred banners
Vision of unity
Illusion of pride

Society divided
Blood againt blood
Tyrranny enthroned
As duty and honor

Imperialistic greed
under a new truth
Pride and idealism
The endless cycle

Prepare for war
Close your mind
Prepare to lie
Under the altar

A call to arms
Glorious bloodred banners
Vision of unity
Illusion of pride

Not enough to be blind
Not enough to be deaf
Not enough to flee
The blood reich!

Enforce and endoctrinate
Oppress and depopulate
Supress and exterminate
Command and conquer

The blood Reich!!!
Track Name: We Create, We Erase
Testament of regression
Progress through carnage
Bloodshed the price
Of our evolution,

Decade by decade
Step by step
What we create
We shall destroy

We create
We annihilate
We are bred
We dissolve

Glorious centuries
of creation and victories
Of decline and defeat
Power through suffering!

With fire and blade
with riffle and gunpowder
With hails of bullets
With nuclear nukes!

Uncompromisable dominance
The fire to control
The beast of evolution
Our hereditary destiny

Trial of fate,
succession of hate

Trial of survival
Way to supremacy

Only the strong to survive
Only the weak to be crushed
Track Name: Fire Of Absolution
Exiled out of the womb
Outcasted to their doom
Out of the warmth
To be forgotten


Fire Of the flesh
Fire of lust
Burning throughtout the veins
Boiling surge of hunger

Fire of the flesh
Fire of lust
Purification through sexual trance
Drown in endless ecstasy


Divine flame leading towards enthropy
What dwells in us is not humane
Dissolve all the bonds creation
Reenter the primordial form
...the void..

Coronal rituals of joy and greed
Absolution through debauchery

Primal instincts unleashed in blood
Further down the filth

Redeemed by pleasure in sin
Rejoice in vanity

Condemned to be lost
In the perpetual nothingness

The fire of flesh
The fire of absolution